MTA hits Romney's 'retreat' from campaign pledge

MTA President Catherine A. Boudreau called Gov. Mitt Romney's Jan. 10 speech "a retreat from his campaign pledge to deal with the deficit without cutting essential services."

In his speech to the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Romney declared his intentions to cut higher education funding and local aid, which provides the overwhelming majority of K-12 funding.

"No services are more essential than educating our youth," Boudreau said. "But the governor's speech is a virtual declaration of disinvestment in our schools. His scenario of drastic cuts to local aid would halt and ultimately reverse the progress we've made with our students over the past decade.

"And submitting our state colleges, community colleges and university to even more fiscal punishment after the cuts they've already endured makes neither educational nor economic sense," Boudreau continued. "Higher education is the engine that drives our state economy. Additional cuts would certainly impair any economic recovery and jeopardize the continued fiscal health of the Commonwealth."

Boudreau concluded: "The governor ran on a platform that declared education his ‘number one priority.' He must now work with educators to keep his pledges -- and his credibility."