MTA blasts Romney's higher education vetoes

Governor Romney has once again vetoed retroactive pay raises for higher education employees and also has vetoed the Massachusetts Community College Council's contract funding. The vetoes drew sharp criticism from Massachusetts Teachers Association President Catherine A. Boudreau.

"It is extremely unfortunate that the governor fails to recognize the importance of public higher education to our state's economic future," said Boudreau. "He is reneging on the state's commitment to thousands of public higher education employees, from faculty to custodians and clerical workers."

Noting that the Legislature unanimously passed the funding for the retroactive payments and the MCCC pay hike on Feb. 15, Boudreau said she and other leaders of unions representing higher education employees will work closely with House and Senate leaders and members to get the vetoes overridden quickly.

"Based on prior commitments, we are confident that the Legislature will act more wisely than the governor and will honor the state's promises," Boudreau said.

The governor's action was not a surprise. He had previously vetoed the retroactive payments in the fall of 2004. The Legislature was out of session and was therefore unable to override his vetoes.