Send My Friend to School campaign is focus of Global Action Week

Around the world, 104 million children do not go to school.  School fees, the lack of schools and teachers, as well as cultural bias keep children out of school.  The majority of these children are girls in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.  

In 2000, the industrialized countries promised to help fund basic education in countries lacking resources.  To date, the United States government has yet to contribute its fair share to make universal education a reality. 

The National Education Association is participating April 24-30 in Global Action Week, an international initiative with Education International and the Global Campaign for Education.  Educators and community activists in more than 100 countries will be involved.  

Classroom activities and resources on the theme "Send My Friend to School" are posted on the NEA Web site. Student messages will be presented to President Bush and other leaders of industrialized nations at the G-8 Summit in July.