Action needed on retro payments

MTA has been lobbying the Legislature all year to include the final retro payments in their supplemental budget. Over the last few weeks we've received encouraging feedback from the legislative leadership on this issue.
Similarly, we received indications that it was likely the Legislature would override Romney's veto of 85/15. (changing it into 75/25)
Then the Big Dig accident occurred.
We have NOT been told by the legislature that our two line-items are in danger. However, we are concerned that the Big Dig repair bills faced by the state could have an impact on the financial decisions the legislature makes in the coming months on many many issues.
Please speak to your legislators on these two very important issues. We need to urge legislators to pass the retro monies by THIS Friday, July 21, so there is time to override the veto we anticipate Romney will make of this item.

1) Please pass the final installment of the Retroactive Pay Raises for UMass and State College faculty and staff. This money has been due and promised since FY'02. It is critically important that you pass this item by this Friday so the legislature has time to override a veto of it, should Romney take such an action.
2) Please override Romney's veto of the Group Insurance line-item. His veto would force all state employees to pay 25% of their health insurance premiums. Romney's veto is an unfair and very burdensome cost shifting onto the backs of state employees.