MTA president hails Patrick-Murray victory

Statement about Patrick-Murray Victory by MTA President Anne Wass

We are thrilled that Deval Patrick will be our next governor and Tim Murray our next lieutenant governor. Patrick's respect for public education, his optimistic attitude, and his willingness to listen are just what the students, parents and teachers in Massachusetts need right now. Murray's understanding of the needs of our cities and towns, and his firm commitment to public education, will be real assets for the Commonwealth as we move forward.

Everywhere I went across the state this fall, there was a sense of excitement and anticipation leading up to this election. Educators across the state were elated when it was confirmed that two leaders who really believe in public schools and colleges will finally be at the head of our Commonwealth. We are ready for a change. With Patrick and Murray in office, I am convinced we can turn a very good public education system into a great one.