MTA praises Governor Patrick for reversing 9C cuts

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is lauding Governor Deval Patrick for taking action to restore $92 million in programmatic cuts to education -- including funds for higher education, early childhood education, MCAS remediation, full-day kindergarten and health insurance premiums for state employees.

Patrick's decision will undo the damage done by former Governor Mitt Romney, who, in early November, unilaterally slashed $425 million in funding across the board. Patrick announced before taking office that he would reverse all of the "9C" cuts made by Romney. On Jan. 5, a day after he was inaugurated, Patrick acted to follow through on his commitment. The State House News Service noted that the restoration of funding was Patrick's "first official act of governing" and that he felt the cuts did "unacceptable harm to programs for people in need."

"Governor Patrick is already making the kind of leadership decisions that will have a positive impact on the public school teachers and students of this state," MTA President Anne Wass said. "I commend Governor Patrick for taking action to overturn the vicious cuts made by his predecessor."

Patrick's restoration of funding will have an impact on public schools and higher education institutions across the state.

The decision to reverse the cuts will:

  • Restore $13 million for early education funding for Head Start, Reach Out and Read and preK programs in the public schools.
  • Restore close to $9 million in K-12 funding for MCAS remediation, full-day kindergarten, extended learning time and special education.
  • Cover retroactive salary increases paid to public higher education faculty and staff and health insurance premiums for state employees.

Right after the cuts were made in November, the MTA had called on members to contact their legislators and seek reversal of the cuts made by Romney.