Action Alert: Equal marriage rights

The MTA is urging members to help defeat the constitutional amendment that would take away equal marriage rights from gay and lesbian residents of Massachusetts.

The Legislature will be meeting for another Constitutional Convention on Thursday, June 14, and the anti-marriage amendment is expected to come up for a final vote at that time.

Members are urged to contact their legislators right away to ask them to oppose putting the discriminatory anti-marriage amendment on the ballot in 2008.

The amendment would reverse the Supreme Judicial Court's decision in Goodrich v. Department of Public Health.

Putting a group's constitutional rights on a referendum ballot is wrong. Placing this question on the 2008 ballot would be a potentially disastrous step backward for our Commonwealth.

Many critically important employment benefits and protections are accessible only to married employees. Denying our gay and lesbian members the ability to marry would deny them and their families crucial employment and family benefits, including, but not limited to, health insurance, hospital visitation rights and pensions.

The MTA does not support discrimination or the denial of employment rights.

Send an e-mail to your representative and senator urging a vote against this misguided effort.