Creditable service for layoff bill stalled

MTA's bill (S1513), permitting teachers laid off due to budget cuts to purchase up to three years of layoff time as creditable service toward retirement, is stalled in the legislature's Committee on Public Service.

Once again, bill advocates need to contact their own legislators to have them lobby the Chairs of the Public Service Committee to report the bill favorably.  (A previous web alert was posted on September 10, 2007.)  Your state representative should be asked to contact House Chair Rep. Jay Kaufman (D-Lexington) and your state senator needs to contact Senate Chair Sen. Anthony Galluccio (D-Cambridge) to move the bill along.

Calls and e-mails need to be made soon as all legislative committees must report recommended  bills by March 19 or else they will reported adversely or placed in a study.

Should S1513 be reported favorably most likely it would be referred to Senate Ways and Means for fiscal review. (Senate and House Ways and Means Committees have no reporting deadlines.)

Call the State House Switchboard at (617) 722-2000 and ask to be connected to your legislators' offices. 

In corresponding with your legislators you could mention, in addition to your own reasons for supporting S1513, that the same bill was given a favorable report by the Public Service Committee in a previous legislative session (January 26, 2006).  In brief, you are simply requesting that the same bill the committee deemed worthy two years ago be recommended again.

S1513 provides that when laid-off teachers are rehired they would be treated as if they had no break in service.  However, any previously withdrawn contributions must be repaid as well as required contributions for the time spent in a layoff status plus buyback interest.