Rally for education on May 21

The MTA is cosponsoring Teen Empowerment's Unity Rally for Education at the State House on Wednesday, May 21, at 3 p.m. at the Grand Staircase. MTA members and their students are encouraged to participate. Participants will be speaking out for educational equality.

Issues to be raised include:

  • How to provide adequate resources for all students,
  • How to create an environment of respect for teachers, students, and parents within all our schools,
  • How to ensure that our schools’ curricula are focused on stimulating intellectual curiosity rather than on logging higher test scores, and
  • How to evaluate students’ achievement based on multiple forms of assessment, as called for in the Education Reform Act of 1993.

The Unity Rally is co-hosted by Teen Empowerment, the MTA, the Boston Teachers Union, Citizens for Public Schools, FairTest (National Center for Fair & Open Testing), the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts and the Boston Student Advisory Council.

For more information on Teen Empowerment, go to www.teenempowerment.org.