Senate passes private school creditable service bill

On July 16, the Senate Ways and Means Committee reported S1631 favorably and sent it to the full Senate for consideration. The Senate promptly voted the first of two required approvals on the same day and its second approval (known as engrossment) on July 17.

MTA’s bill (S1631) permits K-12 educators and higher education faculty to purchase up to three years of creditable service toward retirement for teaching service in non-public schools (kindergarten through graduate school).

The bill is now awaiting processing by the Offices of the Senate and House Clerks. It is expected the bill will then be referred to the House Ways and Means Committee for its review before it can be taken up by the full House. Once House Ways and Means formally receives the bill another update will be posted here advising what appropriate grassroots lobbying steps need to be taken.

It would be helpful if teachers affected by this bill would contact Sen. Steven Panagiotakos (D-Lowell) to thank him for his sponsorship and continuing efforts to pass this legislation. The senator’s e-mail address is: