Statement by MTA President Anne Wass on Patrick’s education budget

We are thrilled that Governor Deval Patrick has level-funded preK-12 education, public higher education and non-education local aid in his budget proposal in light of the drastic loss of state revenues during the current economic crisis.

In normal times, we would strongly argue against funding education in fiscal year 2011 at essentially the same dollar level as in the current fiscal year given that costs inevitably rise. To many members at the local level and on our college campuses, level-funding will feel like a cut, especially if reserves have been depleted. However, these are not normal times. The economy is still extremely shaky, unemployment continues to be very high, and many important public services are facing significant and damaging cuts. In that context, we are extremely grateful that the governor singled out public education and higher education for level funding.

The governor clearly recognizes that protecting quality education services for our one million students is essential for their personal well-being and the future health of our economy.