Statement by MTA President Anne Wass on Race to the Top

The US Department of Education announced today that just two states, Delaware and Tennessee, will be awarded grants from the federal Race to the Top proposal in the first round. From an initial applicant pool of 40 states, Massachusetts had been named one of 16 finalists. Massachusetts will have a chance to reapply for a second round of grant funding. That deadline is June 1. Below is a statement by MTA President Anne Wass.

“We have already reached out to state education officials and asked to work with them in developing our state’s second-round proposal for Race to the Top grant funds. As the state with the highest performing students in the country, Massachusetts is well positioned to take the next great step forward in reducing the achievement gaps that still persist among students. We hope that federal policymakers reward collaboration in this next round and that they respect the desire of states, districts and classroom teachers to develop school improvement strategies that meet the particular needs of their students.”