A Primer for Professional Survival

A Primer for Professional Survival

Who should attend?
Are you in your first five years of teaching? Are you ready to venture beyond your classroom? Then MTA’s 2010 Summer Conference New Member Program is for you.

How much does it cost?
This program is fully funded by MTA. There is a $25.00, refundable registration fee. The program requires your full attendance(Sunday afternoon through Thursday morning).The fee is refunded upon completion of the program.

Why spend five days in the beautiful Berkshires?
A Primer for Professional Survival will provide the knowledge and skills you need to survive
and thrive in a profession where everything from funding to licensure to how you teach is driven by shifting political winds.Local working conditions and salaries are a function of hard fought contract negotiations. Employment insecurity for new teachers is a given.But don’t despair, your week in the beautiful Berkshires also provides plenty of opportunity to meet
people and have a lot of fun!

What is the program about?

  • Rules, Rules, Rules – Who determines licensure rules, whether your school is underperforming, the length of the school
    day and year, and every other school and district policy.
  • Your Employment – Salaries and working conditions, evaluations and PTS (Professional Teacher Status), the role of your education association.
  • Staying Alive – Everything from daily survival; to relationships with students, colleagues and administrators; to the outlook for budget cuts and lay-offs.

What is the program not about?

  • Curriculum or instructional professional development
  • Classroom management strategies

How do I sign up?
Use the online registration form.

What is the deadline?
June 18, 2010. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be limitations per district based on district size.

Target Audience
Early-Career Educators/MTA Members(years 1-5)

Presented by The MTA New Member Committee

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