Massachusetts students tops in math

On the announcement that Massachusetts students top the nation in math SAT scores, MTA President Paul Toner applauded the hard work of teachers, students and administrators in achieving yet another educational milestone. “Our students are not only first in the nation in national achievement tests, they are also among the very best on the SAT – a test designed to predict first year grades in college. We are particularly impressed by the rate of improvement, and by the gains made by African-American students in this measure of college readiness.”

The Dept. or Elementary and Secondary Education announcement is below:

Governor Patrick Announces Increase in Math SAT Scores; MA Tops Nation
Reading & Writing scores hold steady; African-American students make strong gains in all three subjects; Participation and Performance on AP Exams also increase

Governor Deval Patrick announced that Massachusetts public high school students made greater gains on the mathematics SAT exam than any other state over the past decade, and on the 2010 exam once again outscored all other states with high participation rates. Additionally, African-American students in Massachusetts now lead their peers nationwide.

Results released on Sept. 13 by the College Board also show that Massachusetts’ overall participation in Advanced Placement (AP) exams rose by 9.5 percent in 2010, and that the state's increase in African-American and Hispanic test takers is the highest in the nation.

“The progress we are making in math achievement is tremendous,” said Patrick. “The fact that we are not only scoring at the top of the nation, but that we are seeing more of our African-American and Hispanic students challenging themselves by taking AP coursework and exams is a credit to the hard work of our students and educators statewide.”

“These great gains in both participation and performance show us once again that we are on the right path for education in Massachusetts," said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray. "I am proud of these great accomplishments by our students and their teachers.”

The 2010 SAT results show that Massachusetts scored 524 in math, an increase of two points from 2009, outscoring all other states where at least 60 percent of public school students participated. Over the past 10 years the state's math score has risen 16 points, more than any other state where at least 25 percent of public school students participated in the SAT. Student results on the Critical Reading (508) and Writing (504) exams remained unchanged from 2009. Massachusetts has had strong performance over the past SAT test administrations with students setting the pace nationwide.

In Massachusetts, African-American students made strong gains in all three subjects in 2010, including an eight-point gain in Critical Reading (from 416 to 424), a nine-point gain in Mathematics (from 423 to 433), and a seven-point gain in Writing (from 411 to 418). Those gains in Math and Writing outpaced national gains, and as a result Massachusetts African-American students on average now outscore their peers nationally in Math (432 to 427) and Writing (418 to 416).

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