MTA New Teacher Webinars

New Teacher webinars are open to MTA members, or newly hired teachers in districts represented by MTA.

Register Online for 2010-2011 New Teacher Webinars

  • Reading in advance of an assigned article -- upon registration, participants will be sent the link to the article.
  • Trainer introduction and overview of the session.
  • Brief introduction by participants.
  • Online PowerPoint presentation with opportunity to ask questions throughout.
  • Discussion among participants of content of article and presentation and issues raised by participants -- including breakout sessions and quizzes.
  • Guidance from trainer about extending the webinar learning through applications to teaching practices.

Webinar Requirements

School districts should provide webinar participants with documentation using the following guidelines:

  1. Complete the assigned reading in advance of the webinar and write a reflective essay answering the question, "What did I learn from this reading that I can apply to my practice?"
  2. Active participation in the webinar verified by instructor.
  3. Completion of an extending activity from a list provided during the webinar.  

For complete descriptions, see our online catalog or this PDF catalog .

Printable Flyer

Webinar Fee: $30
Webinar Time: 5-7 p.m.

Establishing Classroom Routines
November 2, 4

Managing Student Behavior
November 9, 10

Grading Student Work
November 16, 17 

Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 23, 29

Dealing with Difficult Parents
December 1, 2 

Working with Instructional Aides 
December 15, 16 

Transitions and Sponge Activities
January 5, 6

Rules, Consequences and Positive Recognition
January 10, 11

Reading and Implementing IEPs
January 18, 20

Behavior and Perfomance Conferencing & Contracts
January 25, 27

Registration Information

All registration is done online. Participants will be sent passwords to online offerings and materials. Register Online for 2009-2010 New Teacher Webinars

Contact Information
Please contact Beverly Eisenman at or 1-800-392-6175 x8362 for answers to specific questions or to schedule any workshop.