NEA Foundation report highlights Springfield educators

NEA Foundation Issue BriefA new NEA Foundation report that explores how teachers’ unions and their districts are collaborating on issues such as the wise use of time focuses in part on efforts by the Springfield Education Association.

The “issue brief” also discusses the work of the Elgin Teachers Association in Illinois.

In both Springfield and Elgin, union-district collaborations are seeking ways to reconfigure the professional workday so that educators can increase their effectiveness and support better learning conditions for students while at the same time implementing the Common Core State Standards.

The SEA commissioned a study last year that surveyed 608 educators in the Springfield Public Schools and found that teachers, in addition to the time they devoted to instruction, were spending three hours and 28 minutes each day performing non-teaching activities.

Together with the district, the SEA formed the Committee on Teacher Time, which seeks to make recommendations about educators' growing administrative burdens and ongoing instructional requirements.

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