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MTA SEI Endorsement and RETELL Advisory No. 6

Update on Course Registration for Year Two - 2013-2014

SEI Course Attendance Policy

Last year, DESE had a strict attendance policy that led to strong negative feedback. The policy was changed in response. Now, missing a course session no longer automatically results in course failure.


  • In the full Teacher SEI Endorsement course, participation accounts for 20 percent of the final grade. The grade takes attendance as well as the quality of both face-to-face and online participation into account.
  • In the short Bridge courses, attendance/participation accounts for 30 percent of the final grade.
  • In the long Bridge courses, attendance/participation accounts for 40 percent of the final grade.
  • In all courses, participants should ask the instructor for specific details concerning the grading policy and the rubric used to judge performance.

Spring RETELL Courses: Registration Open Until Nov. 15

Here is how to survey open courses and enroll.

At the registration site, click on the "Lists of SEI Endorsement courses with open seats" to look for open courses that are geographically accessible and that fit your schedule.

If you find a class that works, go to to get the background information and undertake the pre-registration steps you will need to complete in order to register appropriately and successfully.

RETELL "How To's" provide detailed instructions on how to register, audit or join a course waitlist; modify an existing spring registration; and log into Blackboard once an account has been created.

If your district's SEI course enrollments are still below target and you are a core academic teacher of ELLs or a supervisor, please consider enrolling in a spring section.

Administrator SEI Endorsement Courses

A number of Administrator SEI Endorsement courses are scheduled for summer 2014. Some of these sections are empty or nearly empty. DESE does not plan to close enrollment for these summer sections in November, so please take a look at these sessions (viewable on the "Lists of SEI Endorsement courses with open seats" noted above) to enroll.

Auditing SEI Endorsement Courses - ESL Teachers/Instructional Coaches

ESL teachers and instructional coaches are encouraged to audit SEI Endorsement courses so they can collaborate with and support colleagues in the implementation of SEI practices. DESE will soon be offering courses to help math and literacy instructional coaches support SEI through their work, as well as a teacher leadership course for ESL teachers. Auditing the SEI Endorsement course provides important background knowledge for these new course offerings. Under the Recertification Guidelines for Massachusetts Educators, auditors can claim 7.5 PDPs per semester hour for auditing a graduate-level course. Thus, instructional coaches and ESL teachers who audit the full-length SEI Endorsement course can claim up to 22.5 PDPs.
To audit a course, go to and begin the registration process. The registration tool enables you to enroll as an auditor; simply select the appropriate responses when prompted to do so.

Core Academic Teachers Working Under a Preliminary License

The SEI Endorsement requirement for core academic teachers who are working under a Preliminary License is that after July 1, 2014, it will not be possible to earn an Initial License without the SEI Endorsement. Here is how the rule affects teachers with Preliminary licenses.

  1. After July 1, 2014, all approved preparation programs leading to Initial licensure will be required to provide training leading to the SEI Endorsement and will be able to recommend candidates for the endorsement.
  2. If an incumbent core academic teacher on a Preliminary License successfully completes the Initial licensure program prior to July 1, 2014 without having earned the endorsement, he/she can apply for and receive an Initial License without an endorsement. He/she will then be treated like any other educator for whom the endorsement requirement applies.

Fall SEI Endorsement Course Withdrawal

This You can withdraw from a fall SEI Endorsement Course if:

  1. You NO longer have an ELL student in your class.
  2. Your assignment has changed. You are NO longer a core academic teacher.
  3. An administrator is NO longer supervising a core academic teacher with an ELL student.
  4. Your Hardship Exception has been approved by DESE. (NOTE: If the Hardship Exception is NOT approved, you WILL be assigned to the 2013-2014 cohort and you will NOT be able to renew, advance or extend your license if you do not earn the endorsement by August 31, 2014.)

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