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How much funding has YOUR community lost?

Have you ever wondered how much funding YOUR community has lost over the last decade?  Now you can find out!
The Campaign for Our Communities has developed a map of Massachusetts that allows you to see how much your community – and every other community in the state - has lost in general local aid funding since the year 2000.  Click here to see for yourself!
General local aid funding – which comes to your community from the state - pays for many of the services that make our communities great places to live, work, and raise a family.  Things like schools, roads and bridges, garbage collection, police and fire protection, parks, pools and libraries are all paid for in part by general local aid.
Every community in Massachusetts has lost general local aid funding over the last twelve years due to the state’s chronic revenue deficit.  After you see how your community fared, sign up to help the Campaign for our Communities convince legislators that we need to raise substantial new revenue so we can invest in our communities!
Click here to look at the Campaign for our Communities map!