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Does your professional license expire at the end
of this school year?

DESE Memo: Information for Educators With Professional Licenses That Expire on 6/17/2014

The information below applies to educators renewing a license before July 1, 2016. If you have questions about SEI or RETELL, please visit the MTA's RETELL toolkit.

Educator Licensing

ELAR, or Educator Licensing and Recruitment, is the web-based system for applying and renewing educator licenses in Massachusetts and accessing information about your account. You can create/access an ELAR account at

All educators holding professional-level educator licenses must renew their license(s) every five years. The expiration dates are listed on all Professional licenses. Paper copies of educator license are no longer mailed to educators. An unofficial copy of any license can be accessed in the ELAR system. If your require an official paper copy of your license, you can request a hard copy in ELAR or by completing the form found at 


Recertification is required for all educators who have a Standard Certificate.

There have been many significant changes in the regulations governing the recertification process, including:

  • Supervisors must approve Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs)
  • Certificates issued after Dec. 1, 1999, require 150 Professional Development Points (PDPs)
  • Impact of individual certificate holders depends on the date standard certificate was originally issued.

Additional Resources

To assist members in understanding the complex recertification process, MTA has developed this tool:

From the Massachusetts Dept. of Education:

Massachusetts Dept. of Education Recertification applications:

For educators currently employed under Professional License

MTA Slideshow

For educators not currently employed under Professional License

MTA Slideshow

Chapter 74 (Vocational/Technical) License Renewal Resources

MTA Slideshow for educators currently employed under the Chapter 74 license

MTA Slideshow for educators not currently employed under the Chapter 74 license