Environmental Health and Safety

The MTA Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Committee will support and encourage, and act as a resource for, the MTA and its affiliates in their efforts to promote healthy and safe environments for staff and students.

Specific goals of the committee are to organize and lead efforts to enact legislation and regulatory changes; advocate and lobby for necessary state funding to allow school districts to adequately maintain and repair school buildings and to require the state to adequately maintain and repair its educational facilities; continue MTA initiatives and efforts to educate members and staff; and support and encourage MTA locals in their efforts to demand school building health and protection of members' and students' health in a proactive manner.

Co-Chairs: Charles Levenstein and Elizabeth Dean

Staff Consultant: Mike Sireci, msireci@massteacher.org

Staff Assistant: Wini Peterson, wpeterson@massteacher.org