Patricia LaBombarde, 2003

Athol Middle School 

I am writing to nominate Patricia LaBombarde for her many years of teaching ethics, caring, pride and support of the students and staff at Athol Middle School.

I first met Mrs. LaBombarde when my own son had the wonderful fortune to be in her class.  Then, twenty-three years ago, when I went to work as a math tutor in her building, she became a mentor to me.  During those years, I have never seen her be anything but supportive and understanding of her students and staff.

She has the most natural  gift of getting everyone to want to do their best. It is a contagious thing, but you will not find her bragging about the 18 years of successfully organizing and running week-long school rips to Washington, D.C., or the many extra clubs she has run in her years of teaching middle schools children.

Her activities include school newspapers, many theater productions, homework circles, community service projects, trips to New York to see plays and museums and more.

Her gift to the children of her constant kindness and care has a rippling effect.  The world becomes a better place for her being the person she is.

They say the sign of a great teacher is that he or she inspires. Mrs. LaBombarde’s students often return from successful careers to tell her how much she has inspired them.  Her colleagues praise her; and I wish to honor her, too.

Jennie Saben