Romney's higher ed reorganization is 'ill-conceived and disruptive'

A statement by MTA President Catherine A. Boudreau
The Governor seems intent on pursuing his ill-conceived and disruptive reorganization plan at the expense of our public system of higher education. And his method of operation continues to be one of secrecy -- providing no preliminary information for discussion or debate -- and exclusion -- consulting with virtually none of the stakeholders impacted by his plan.

The Governor's unrelenting drive to remove the President of the University of Massachusetts by abolishing the office of the President is intemperate and irresponsible. To remove one man, the Governor would destroy a university system that has functioned well for over a decade. Also, the attempt to force an up-or-down legislative vote on the President compounds the Governor's irresponsibility and turns what should be an educational issue into a political football.

Public higher education provides more than 180,000 Massachusetts residents with education that is affordable, accessible and excellent. It is an irreplaceable resource for them and for our entire Commonwealth. It needs to be respected, supported and strengthened; the Governor's reorganization scheme does none of these things.