Students and educators rally to support public higher education

On Thursday, April 28th, students and educators from across the Commonwealth rallied on Beacon Hill to dramatize the need for increased funding to the state's college and university system. As the recent Senate Task Force Report on Public Higher Education in Massachusetts highlighted, the Commonwealth is 49th in the nation when it comes to funding for its colleges and universities in terms of support per $1,000 of income.

The event was sponsored by the Associated Students of Massachusetts (ASM) and supported by the Massachusetts Community College Council (MCCC), which sent representatives from UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, Bridgewater State College, and Bristol Community College. ASM leaders Shawn Robinson and Casey Thomas organized the event statewide.

Speakers included Senator Stanley Rosenberg, co-chair of the Public Higher Education Task Force, and Donnie McGee of MCCC's Bristol Community College chapter.

Students wore t-shirts bearing the slogans "Invest in Massachusetts" and "Support Public Higher Education." Faculty from BCC wore graduation robes and carried "Tell Mitt" posters to emphasize the deteriorating state of public higher education and the need for Governor Romney's immediate support.

The BCC delegation delivered postcards, signed by campus supports, urging the governor to "do the fair thing" and submit the MCCC contract to the Legislature. The Board of Higher Education has re-submitted the signed contract to Gov. Romney. Funding has remained unresolved since the governor took office.