Voc-ed Creditable Service Bill (SB 2057) passes Legislature

SB 2057, the voc-ed creditable service bill, was enacted by the House on Thursday,  July 21, and by the State Senate July 25.  The bill has been forwarded to Governor Romney for his consideration.

The governor now has ten days (until August 3, 2005) to:

  1. Sign the bill into law;
  2. Allow if to become law without his signature;
  3. Veto it;
  4. Send it back to the legislature with an amendment.

Last year the governor returned the bill with a "poison pill" amendment which was rejected by the Legislature.  It then re-enacted the bill, but the governor vetoed it.  Will the governor try to amend or veto the bill again?  We do not know but always hold out the hope he will sign it.

Those corresponding with the governor's office need to emphasize the importance of this bill for the recruitment and retention of voc-ed teachers.  Also, it is significant to note that this bill was passed by unanimous votes in the House and Senate.  Therefore, it would be helpful for MTA members living in House or Senate districts represented by Republican legislators to call them and request they lobby Governor Romney to sign the bill.

Governor's Office:
Governor Mitt Romney
State House
Boston, MA 02133       
Tel:  (617) 725-4000