MTA recommends Patrick-Murray

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is recommending Deval Patrick and Tim Murray for governor and lieutenant governor.

"The choice could not be more clear," said MTA President Anne Wass. "Deval Patrick is a man who understands that public education is the underpinning of our knowledge-based economy and has pledged to make strengthening our schools and colleges a priority of his administration."

She praised Tim Murray as "a man who, during his three terms as mayor of Worcester, has demonstrated vision and leadership on behalf of his community and its children."

"On the other hand," Wass continued, "we have a Republican candidate who, as lieutenant governor, serves in an administration that has consistently failed to support public education and has shortchanged our students and disrespected our teachers and other public education employees."

Wass noted Patrick's "comprehensive grasp of the problems that face public education and his equally comprehensive proposals to address those problems."

"Deval Patrick is ready to fight for the programs and resources that will help our students succeed at every level and help narrow the achievement gap," she said. Wass cited expanded early childhood education opportunities, smaller class sizes, coordinated after-school programs, investment in public higher education and other initiatives "that will get our schools and colleges -- and our Commonwealth -- back on the right track."

"We may not agree with Deval Patrick on every issue," Wass added, "but we appreciate his willingness to listen to educators who are on the front lines and know what students really need."

Wass concluded: "For all who care about public education and the future of Massachusetts, there's really only one choice in November: the ticket of Deval Patrick and Tim Murray."

The MTA Board of Directors voted on Aug. 6 to  recommend the winner of the Democratic primary. At that time, Wass explained: "All three Democratic candidates believe in public education, care about closing the achievement gap and have pledged to provide adequate state aid to public higher education institutions."