Member Action Alert - Fix and Fund NCLB

Send an e-mail message to your Congressman and Senators today.  

Suggested Message:

Please support amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that are being recommended by the National Education Association. These reforms would reduce excessive testing, alter the unrealistic accountability provisions, replace punitive sanctions with more support for struggling schools and increase funding.

The NEA and MTA are supporting several reforms to NCLB -- officially known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act -- which is being debated in Congress this year.Members of  the House and the Senate are in their home districts during the first half of April, so now is a good time to make your opinions known. Your personal call, letter, faxes or e-mail could make the difference.

  • Tell your U.S. Senators and Representative that NCLB should not be extended unless key issues are addressed. Urge them to support adoption of the reforms listed here.
  • End arbitrary and unrealistic "Adequate Yearly Progress" (AYP) provisions that require all students to score "proficient" on the MCAS tests by 2014. AYP should be replaced by expectations based on real-world rates of improved student achievement. Academic progress should be measured by multiple sources of evidence, not just standardized test scores.
  • Reduce excessive testing mandates. Over-testing takes time away from real teaching and learning.
  • Increase funding. Funding for NCLB has never been adequate. Federal funding should be more than doubled so that all eligible children receive support.
  • Replace NCLB's increasingly harsh sanctions with support for improving educational quality. This includes better professional development, guidance on improved curricula and instruction, smaller class sizes in the early grades, and more comprehensive services for at-risk students.