2008 in Review

2008 in ReviewGovernor's COLA veto sparks outrage
August 8, 2008
MTA President Anne Wass expressed outrage at Governor Deval Patrick’s decision on August 8 to veto legislation that would have provided a modest cost-of-living increase for thousands of retired educators and others who have devoted their careers to public service.

MTA launches campaign against income tax repeal
May 8, 2008
A group called the Committee for Small Government is qualifying a question for the November ballot that would repeal the state personal income tax. If passed, this initiative will become law, costing the state more than $12 billion a year in revenues, or about 40 percent of the state budget. A similar question on the 2002 ballot garnered 45 percent of the vote, and early poll results show that this question could pass if the public is not educated about how much damage it would cause.

Layoff creditable service bill gains initial approval
March 7, 2008
MTA’s bill (S1513), permitting victims of local budget cuts to purchase creditable service toward retirement, has been reported favorably by the Legislature’s Committee on Public Service.

Private school creditable service bill sent to House Ways and Means
July 29, 2008
On July 17, the State Senate passed S1631 (known as engrossment) and on July 21 the bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee for its review.  This committee’s approval is necessary before it can be referred to the House floor for a vote.

Welcome new teachers!
August 12, 2008
Welcome to the MTA! Whether you're 22 or 52, or somewhere in between, MTA is committed to supporting you in the critical early years of your career.

CEPP professional development offerings for 2008-09
September 10, 2008
The Massachusetts Teachers Association's Center for Education Policy and Practice (CEPP) provides workshops, institutes and courses published in its Professional Development Programs booklet. Local associations, school districts and education collaboratives may contract with CEPP to provide any of the programs. After consultation with district staff, all are adapted to the individual needs of the school and/or district.

Action Alert:  Budget Vetoes
July 14, 2008
Late in the day on July 13, Governor Deval Patrick vetoed over $122 million from the FY09 budget that had been sent to him by the Legislature on July 3. In addition to making the vetoes, the governor  filed a bill to make supplemental appropriations.

Legislature's budget includes COLA base increase
July 4, 2008
The Legislature enacted the FY09 state budget on July 3. The base on which the annual 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is computed was increased from $12,000 to $16,000 for members of the Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System (MTRS) and for state employees.

TeLL survey deadline extended to March 18th
March 5, 2008
Is your school a good place to teach and learn? Teachers and administrators in Massachusetts will have a chance to offer their views on this subject through a confidential online survey that is now available through March 18.

American Education Week
October 7, 2008