Baker’s claim to be the pro-education candidate defies common sense


CONTACT: Laura Barrett, MTA Communications, 617-750-7412 or 617-878-8267

The Charlie Baker camp has flooded the state with a robocall claiming that he’s the more pro-education candidate because teachers have been laid off during the Patrick administration. This desperate call defies common sense. If Baker’s policies were more likely to save teachers’ jobs, why would the Massachusetts Teachers Association – which represents the vast majority of the teachers in this state – support Deval Patrick?

Here are the facts:

  • Deval Patrick has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in federal education funds, saving thousands of teacher jobs.
  • Despite the recession, Governor Patrick has spared education funding from deep cuts in each of his budgets.
  • Governor Patrick has opposed reckless tax cuts that would invariably lead to teacher layoffs.
  • MTA’s own membership numbers reflect that Governor Patrick’s policies have saved thousands of education jobs despite the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression.

On the other hand:

  • Charlie Baker said he would have voted against the federal Educator Jobs bill if he had been in the U.S. Senate. This bill brought more than $200 million to our state and will save an estimated 2,000 jobs. If he cares so much about teacher jobs, why did he oppose this bill?
  • Baker has proposed $2.5 billion in tax cuts – the same revenue loss that would occur under Question 3. As the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation has shown, a revenue loss of that size would lead to massive state and local layoffs. If he cares so much about teacher jobs, why would he slash the revenues that fund them?
  • Baker is calling for the layoff of 5,000 state employees, which includes faculty at our public colleges and universities. If he cares so much about teacher jobs, why doesn’t he defend the jobs of those who teach our college students?