Students and public education win big in Massachusetts election

Public education and students in Massachusetts were huge winners in the November 2 state election.

“Governor Deval Patrick ran a strong campaign based on his pledge to continue to support public education, families and communities,” MTA President Paul Toner said after the voting results were in. “He deserved this victory as a result of his past accomplishments and his future promises to support our public schools, colleges and universities.

“Despite the national recession and reduced revenue, Governor Patrick has always made education and students a top priority,” Toner continued. “He also treats educators respectfully and listens to our views when he’s making education policies.”

Toner also applauded the resounding defeat of Question 3, the ballot question to cut the sales tax from 6.25 percent to 3 percent.

“Massachusetts voters understand that you don’t get to be first in the nation in student achievement by short-changing our students and our schools,” Toner said. “The voters recognized that Question 3 would be disastrous for public education and the quality of life in their communities, as well as for the state’s economic recovery.”

The MTA played a major role in the election by conducting an extensive internal activation effort and by advertising on television, radio and the Internet.

“Through phone banks, face-to-face conversations and other means, our members raised awareness about the candidates and the issues, identified supporters and made sure they went to the polls,” said Toner. “They knew that a lot was at stake for their students, their communities and their jobs, and they made their decisions based on what was best for the future of our state.”