Video highlights Sen. Scott Brown’s right-wing stand regarding contraception issues

Rethink PAC has released a new video highlighting Senator Scott Brown’s right-wing stand regarding contraception issues. A self-proclaimed moderate Republican, Senator Brown has been criticized in the last few days for co-sponsoring the Blunt amendment, an ultra-conservative proposal to greatly expand employers’ exemption to health care coverage.
Rethink’s latest video includes a slow-motion clip of the recent congressional hearing at which a panel of five men testified against President Obama’s proposed health care exemption. All five men, from conservative organizations, stand to voice their opposition to basic preventive health care services. As the men stand, the clip plays audio from an interview in 2010 in which Brown declares himself a pro-choice Republican.
“Scott Brown went to Washington with the promise to be a moderate Republican and a voice for Massachusetts’ families. His votes and actions in the Senate – including his co-sponsorship of the Blunt amendment – prove he is neither,” said Liz Morningstar, senior strategist for Rethink PAC. “In the past few weeks, Scott Brown has joined far-right conservatives to infringe on the rights of women and create vast loopholes to allow employers to deny their employees health care coverage.”
Brown is heard saying in the 2010 interview that he is pro-choice and believes these types of decisions are “best handled between a woman, her doctor, and her family.” The Blunt amendment sought to expand the exemption to allow any employer to deny coverage to an employee based on a vague moral objection clause.
Rethink PAC will continue to educate Massachusetts voters with non-partisan, issue-based, and fact-focused information emphasizing Senator Brown’s record in the United States Senate. Those interested in learning more about Brown’s record of working against the interests of the people of Massachusetts can visit