How you can help teachers in Level 5 schools

Level 5 Schools

The MTA is working alongside two local associations to oppose takeover plans for schools that that have been designated Level 5, or “chronically underperforming.” Teachers at the Morgan Full Service Community School in Holyoke and the Parker Elementary School in New Bedford have been fighting for changes to these proposed plans. The MTA filed appeals on behalf of the New Bedford Educators Association and the Holyoke Teachers Association. What follows is a summary of proceedings to date as well as upcoming events and actions.

Morgan Full Service Community School, Holyoke

The Morgan Full Service Community School is a K-8 school surrounded by boarded up warehouses in Holyoke. Ninety-eight percent of the students are low-income and 47 percent are English language learners. Despite the challenges, teachers say the love working at the school and are committed to helping their students succeed.

NEW State education board rejects most Morgan appeals (June 9, 2014)


Commissioner Chester's Funding Priorities for the Morgan School

Chester Funding Priorities for Morgan School

Parker Elementary School, New Bedford