Mass Child has “back to school” grants

The Massachusetts Child

The Massachusetts Child can help you help needy students with back-to-school supplies. The Mass Child is prepared to reimburse locals for up to $250 for supplies purchased by Sept. 30.

These grants may be used to provide students with backpacks, notebooks, crayons, pens, or whatever else is necessary for class work.

The Mass Child, a charitable program run by the MTA, reimburses locals for funds spent making sure that all students find success in school.

The $250 back-to-school grant allows locals to meet students’ needs right at the beginning of the school year, without affecting their regular Mass Child eligibility — $1,000 a year for most locals and more for large locals.

If you have any questions before committing your local’s funds, please contact Mass Child President Christine Mulroney at or MTA Communications Specialist Scott McLennan at

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