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School-Based Professional Development

A multimedia presentation

School-Based Professional Development: Addressing Educator Knowledge and Skills Needs to Achieve Improvement Goals provides information on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the so-called No Child Left Behind Act.

The presentation and accompanying papers will help local leaders to understand the penalties for failing to make AYP. In addition, a four-step plan focused on school-based professional development is provided as one solution for schools identified as ""in need of improvement.""

A case study of one school that MTA's Center for Educational Policy and Practice has worked with, with funding from the National Education Association, is provided. The case study presents the school's improvement objectives, the professional development provided by MTA, and the program evaluation outcomes. A more detailed explanation is found in the paper which accompanies the PowerPoint.

Finally, five recommendations to state and federal policymakers with the rationale for each is provided.

This presentation is accompanied by School-Based Professional Development Improving Educator Knowledge and Skills in Low-Performing Schools, a paper presented at the Center for Education Policy Forum on September 12, 2005. It is also accompanied by Facing Reality: Projecting Adequate Yearly Progress in Massachusetts Schools, a study commissioned by Mass Partners for Public Schools and conducted by Cape Ann Economics.

School-Based Professional Development presentation