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MTA Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting subheader

The 2014 MTA Annual Meeting of Delegates is Friday, May 9 and Saturday, May 10, at the Hynes Convention Center. Click on the links below for information about meeting procedures, hotel room reservations, etc.

First-time at Annual Meeting? Click here for coverage of the 2013 meeting.

Events and Preconvention Meetings

Schedule of Preconvention Meetings
Prior to the Annual Meeting, preconvention meetings are scheduled in five different regions of the state.

Tentative Agenda and Schedule of Events
The business session is slated to begin at 12:30 p.m., Friday, May 9.

Hotel Information & Reservation Forms

General Information
Click here for information on accommodations, directions and parking. Hotel rooms are reserved at the Sheraton Boston.

Information for Local Presidents
Local presidents can make reservations for their delegates online or by downloading this form and mailing or faxing to the Sheraton Boston. If you are a president of a large local and require more than 10 rooms, you must use this form to make reservations. Rooming list forms are available here.

Deadline for local presidents to make hotel reservations is Friday, April 4, 2014. Rooming lists are due by Thursday, April 24, 2014 

Information for Working Committees & MTA Staff 
Click here to make reservations online. This includes Board and Executive Committee, NEA Directors, Resolutions, ABC, C & B and B & R. Deadline for members of working committees and MTA staff to make reservations is Wednesday, April 9.

Hotel Reservation Forms for Regional Ethnic Minority and Statewide Retired Delegates
Regional Ethnic Minority and statewide Retired delegates can make reservations online or by downloading this form and mailing or faxing to the Sheraton Boston. 

Annual Meeting Delegate Duties

In accordance with the procedures set forth in the Bylaws, the delegates to the Annual Meeting shall:

  1. Have jurisdiction over the accreditation of delegates and alternates at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Adopt the agenda and the rules governing the meeting.
  3. Elect the President, Vice President, Regional Executive Committee members, the At-Large ESP Executive Committee member, the Statewide Retired Region Executive Committee member, the Board of Directors, the At-Large Director for Ethnic Minority Membership, the At-Large Director for Education Support Professionals, the Statewide Retired District Director(s), and the members of the Candidate Recommendation Committee as is provided in these Bylaws.
  4. Fill interim vacancies that have occurred in the positions of Vice President, Executive Committee members, Board of Directors, in accordance with Article VII, Sections 2F, 3E, and 4E.
  5. Adopt the annual budget of the Association.
  6. Establish the level of annual dues.
  7. Amend the Bylaws of the Association.
  8. Act on new business items brought before it.
  9. Enact all other such measures as may be necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the Association which are not in conflict with the Bylaws.
  10. Exercise final authority in all matters of the Association, except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws or by statute.