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Professional Records

Have you put together a professional records file? If not, don't make the mistake of waiting until you need a vital record or document before attempting to find it. Your records file should include documents that pertain to your employment, including the following:

1. Your teaching license(s)
2. Transcripts of degrees and credits, professional developing certificates and attendance records
3. Letters of employment
4. Your individual employee contract
5. Supplemental contracts for extra duty responsibilities
6. Your local association's negotiated contract/collective bargaining agreement
7. Annual salary information and payroll notices
8. Records pertinent to your retirement
9. Records of accrued and used leave
10. Evaluation records and plans for professional growth
11. Commendations, awards and honors
12. Thank-you notes from students, parents, or supervisors
13. Records of visits or conversations with parents
14. Records of incidents involving student discipline
15. Records of referrals of students with special needs
16. Copies of all correspondence from your supervisor(s)
17. Proof of Association membership
18. Copies of Association liability policies, other member benefits programs and contact information for Association leaders/member_services/staff

Adpated from the Tennessee Education Association