Frequently Asked Questions About Educator Evaluation and Discipline

Answers to frequently asked questions about K-12 distance learning from the MTA's Legal Division.

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Educator Evaluation and Discipline
Can distance learning lessons be used in evaluating me?

We recommend that local associations negotiate if or how distance learning may be used to evaluate staff. MTA field representatives have been developing “model language” around evaluations to assist locals in these negotiations.

Can I be disciplined for an incident that occurs in a distance learning platform?

While educators are likely new to the world of distance learning, they are still required to conduct themselves in a professional manner during such lessons. To the extent that an educator has violated a school policy or practice or behaved in a manner that is considered conduct unbecoming of an educator, the school district may seek to impose discipline. All discipline would be subject to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement and applicable state law and reviewed by the local association. We encourage educators to alert their local associations of such incidents so that the local association may provide assistance.

Are students subject to discipline for misbehavior during a distance learning lesson?

Student discipline likely is handled the same way in a distance learning platform as it is in a physical classroom or school building. An educator should bring all inappropriate student behavior to the attention of the appropriate administrator for further discussion and review.