Threats to Public Education

Today, even as the charter movement regroups, new threats to public education are emerging.

Donors with very deep pockets, including heirs to the Walmart fortune, continue to push for more charters by creating different ways to steer their money. U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, long an advocate of putting public money into private hands, leads the Trump administration’s assault on public schools.

The privatization threat also extends into higher education.

With financially strapped public colleges and universities turning increasingly to private solutions for admissions, housing and student services, corporate interests are stepping in, clearly motivated by profit and the belief that educational institutions should operate more like businesses — or be run by them.

These developments require continuous scrutiny — and active opposition — from public education advocates.

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State Takeover Zones

State Takeover Zones/Privatization

The MTA is pushing back against an accountability system that is based on sanctioning educators, schools and districts rather than providing them with support.

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