MTA members are convening local, regional and statewide reading groups to discuss some of the critical issues confronting our students, communities and unions today.

MTA Reads has gone digital!

libby logoFind a great read! MTA members can now download digital and audio books from the MTA — for free — on the Libby app. MTA has partnered with Libby to offer a streamlined experience. Join MTA's digital library for free access to over 75 e-books and audiobooks available on the Libby app anywhere, anytime.

You can watch this video to get started with Libby or follow the steps below the video.

Follow these steps to get started in Libby.

  1. Download the Libby app to your smartphone/tablet.
  2. Click "Sign In With My Card."
  3. Enter your MTA Individual ID (on your MTA membership card) in the "ID Number" field.
  4. Start enjoying ebooks and audiobooks (or start a reading group) on any device FREE anywhere, anytime!

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